Over the Counter Diet Pills – a Weight Loss Story

Jack and Sheri had been married for almost 25 years when they decided to take a long, painful look at their eating habits.

After having raised a family and then entering empty nest syndrome they both became emotional eaters. They loved each other so much and wanted to spend the time to reacquaint their relationship.

After tipping the scales they decided to make some serious changes. Sheri had been saddened over the loss of her two children to college and marriage. Jack was also having similar eating issues but more-so about realizing he was not keeping up his pace at work. After much discussion and research, they decided to start taking over the counter diet pills. This was not as a long term plan but as a way to get over the hurdle.

When using diet pills over the counter, it’s important to keep a couple things in mind:
They are not going to work over night.

They will work as long as you’re dedicated to use them properly and eat right

FACT: In the United States of America, approximately 80 MILLION people are seeking out methods of treatment for their over-weight bodies.

FACT: In order to be successful at losing weight, you must bring alternative strategies into dealing with emotional eating.

FACT: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are REAL health risks for individuals that are over-weight and must be taken into SERIOUS consideration. Remind yourself of these things each time you feel like giving up losing weight and STAY STRONG to fight your temptations to eat when you know you shouldn’t!

It was not long before the scales showed that Jack and Sheri were well on their way to goal weight. Sheri took some community college courses to improve her job readiness skills. She found that the more she focused on school the less she ate unhealthy choices. Jack also took some courses on computer skills so that he could stay in line the ever changing job needs of today.

The couple planned classes together and separately. They always ate a light, healthy supper and took a little walk before going to night school. They used over the counter diet pills but were quickly moving to the maintenance plan. Emotionally they were busier and spent less time dwelling on the negatives. Simply stated, they were working to conquer their challenges.

By the time that Jack and Sheri reached the end of two quarters of college they had both reached their weight loss goals. They went on maintenance plans and spent more time together with walks. They shared about their day and felt even closer than before. Sheri had always done volunteer work but decided it was time to start earning an income. She stayed on over the counter diet pills while she made the adjustment to her new part-time job. Jack was very supportive of Sheri’s return to work.

Today Jack and Sheri are the happiest they have ever been. With the extra money from Sheri’s job they were able to go on a romantic vacation. Jack’s weight loss and healthier physique impressed his supervisor. He promoted Jack to the position that Jack wanted more than anything. Do Jack and Sheri still take over the counter diet pills? Only when they are rebounding from a weekend with grandchildren do they revisit their diet plan. Over all weight management has gotten to the point where nothing phases them for long.

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